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collaborator: I.L.E.
I.L.E. is a future-visioning lab and the official innovation division of ECCO Sko A/S. 
We worked closely with their international team of industrial designers, engineers, researchers and futurists to create a bold experimental retail space in Amsterdam.
Opened in November of 2016 in the 9-Streets neighborhood of the city, the W-21 store now serves as a testing ground for new approaches to brand narrative, merchandising and service approach.
collaborator: Ecco Leather
We work directly with ECCO Leather in their state-of-the-art global design & development facility.
We collaborate with the company's talented in-house team on unique interactive events and social media platforms animating their unique 'open circle' creative process. This includes events at their global headquarters in Dongen, as well as special events in Berlin. We also contribute to their Tumblr and Instagram presence. 
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collaborator: Avec Ces Freres
Our non-commerical collaborations with the A.C.F. (Art Comes First) naturally led to work on their associated commercial collection; Avec Ces Freres.
Projects have ranged from developing the communication strategy, straplines, seasonal releases and display concepts as well as guerrilla alternatives to traditional lookbook support.
collaborator: Capsule Wallets
We've been thrilled recently to be working with the remarkable Robert Sha to evolve his Capsule brand providing assistance in brand essence refinement, collection development, marketing communication and visual merchandising.
collaborator: Nike Europe [07-15]
In recent years Energy Plan has been honoured to provide a venue for multiple divisions of Nike, inc. These events have been characterised by multiple-day workshops involving Nike creatives from the US, Europe and Japan including the Womens, Air Max and SB divisions.
We are proud that the Energy Plan environment helped their teams to nurture their vision for the evolution of the Nike brand.
collaborator: Various
Energy Plan Creative has nurtured a close network of like-minded peers in the fashion & design community. Our connection to these companies is often informal but we've been honoured on those occasions when we're approached for strategic input, feedback or to help with small tasks as they've each worked to establish themselves in their various markets.
Natural organic connections like these are exactly what we mean by Energy Plan; People are Batteries, Relationships are Wire, Ideas are Power....
collaborator: Visvim [02-06]
Hiroki Nakamura's creative vision, design acumen and branding instincts were always of the highest caliber. So it was with extreme pride that we were able to provide modest assistance in the early years as he and his team began to establish Visvim's now formidable reputation.
Services primarily revolved around seasonal theme development, art-direction, branding, product-naming and copywriting in-line with Energy Plan Creative's own perspective on the potential hybridization of fine-art within branding and marketing.
collaborator: Various
Occasionally bigger or more mainstream organizations find ways to integrate  potent little injections of an art-driven sensibility into their events and communications.
Work for these organizaions has been very modest; -small events, vm support, ground-control for collection launches, etc.  But even a gig that lasts just a few days deserves as much energy as we can wire-in.
Some of these relationships and the work we did goe back to our earlier days but they still serve as a time-capsule of our signature approach.
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